5 common reasons why candidates get rejected in job interviews

What could be sweeter than ‘I love you’ uttered by a lover? Perhaps, getting an unexpected call from an unknown number and the other person on the line tells you, “Congratulations! You have been selected for the job. We have mailed you the joining letter.” That euphoric feeling of being selected for a job after clearing rounds of interviews can last for days. However, not all are lucky enough to get that much-anticipated call because a thousand candidates apply for a job that requires only one person! The people who have been given the responsibility to hire the perfect candidate for a post will go through every application carefully and scrutinize each and every detail provided. So, no mistakes would escape their hawk’s eye. No wonder a person may never get to know why his application wasn’t selected because he might be making the same mistakes again and again and have no idea about it. We bring to you five common reasons why interviewers reject job applications to help you understand why you get repeatedly rejected even after putting your heart and soul to clear the interview.

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