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India confirmed its first coronavirus COVID-19 case on January 30, 2020, and the infections started to surge since the beginning of March. Even after the stringent 21-day lockdown declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 24, India has seen a steady rise in the number of cases.

The number of people infected with coronavirus in India has increased to 5,193, the death toll has risen to 159 and 356 people have recovered till 10.45 pm (IST) on April 7. There have been 553 new cases of infection in the last 24 hours. Maharashtra has seen the highest number of infections and has 891 patients. These figures are based on information provided by Zee News reporters. The Health Ministry figures are slightly different from these as the data from the different states are still being compiled.

However, India’s numbers unlike other countries like the US, Italy, Spain, Iran, France and China, have not seen a massive jump. In most of these countries, except for Italy, Iran and China, the cases started rising in the fifth week. A similarity can be found between India and France as both countries started to register a high number of positive cases in the sixth week. 

The cases in India started to shoot up after nearly two months but in the US, Italy, China, Iran, France and Spain the cases started rising dramatically between second and sixth week.

It has been over two months now that the coronavirus entered India and though the number of cases was stable during the first four weeks, it started to surge in the weeks following that. In the first week, the total cases across the country were three which remained constant till the fourth week.

In the fifth week, the cases shot up to 34 with infections spread across the country. The numbers almost tripled in another week taking the cases to 101 in the sixth week. The number of cases shot to 223 in the seventh week, double the numbers that in the sixth week. In the eighth week numbers again tripled to 724.

In the ninth week, with the 21-day lockdown already imposed, the cases kept on rising and reached 1,112. The period between the eighth and the ninth week saw a little slowdown compared to the increase in cases of other weeks. However, in the tenth week, the cases skyrocketed to almost four times the cases in the ninth week at 4,125.

In the US, the first week showed the total number of cases at 11, second week at 13, third week at 15, fourth week 53, the fifth week 108, sixth week 696, seventh 3536, eighth 51914, ninth 103321, 10th week at 122653, and the 11th week saw it balloon to 273808.

In France, the first and second week showed the total number of cases at 6, the third week at 11, the fourth week at 12, the fifth week at 38, the sixth week at 420, the seventh week at 2860, the eighth week at 9043, the ninth week at 28786, 10th week at 37145, and 11th week at 67757.

In Italy, the first and second week showed the total number of cases at 3, the third week at 400, the fourth week at 3089, the fifth week at 12462, the sixth week at 31506, the seventh week at 74386, the eighth week at 92472, and the ninth week at 124632.

Iran’s case surge started from the second week itself. In the first week, the total number of cases was 95, second week at 2336, third week at 8042, the fourth week at 16169, the fifth week at 24811, the sixth week at 35408 and seventh week at 55743.

In Spain, the cases remained stable for the first three weeks at 2, then started to surge in the fourth week when it rose to 45, in the fifth week at 589, the sixth week at 7753, seventh at 28572, eight at 72248, and ninth at 124736.

In China, the epicentre of the virus, the first week witnessed a total of 278 cases, the second week at 2761, the third week at 17238, the fourth week at 40235, the fifth week at 70635, the sixth week at 77262, the seventh week at 80174, the eighth week at 80904, the ninth week at 81077, the tenth week at 81601, the eleventh week at 82351 and the twelfth week at 82930.

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