Do you buy books but don’t read them? There’s a word for it & here’s how you can quit the habit

Do you often buy books despite having plenty of unread ones? While you might have a good intention of reading more when buying new books, you eventually end up piling them– blame it on the lack of time or interest to read. If this sounds familiar to you, then you are engaging in Tsundoku!

Tsundoku is a Japanese word which literally means buying reading materials and piling them up. Prof Andrew Gerstle, who teaches pre-modern Japanese texts at the University of London, told the BBC that the term can be found in print as early as 1879. Tsundoku is made up of different words– “tsun” means “to pile up” whereas “doku” means “reading”.

If you feel guilty of Tsundoku and your reading pile doesn’t “spark joy” any more, then it’s time for you to implement a change in your life. Here’s how you can quit this habit and be a smart reader:

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