Government looks to revamp IT Act to keep pace with progress

NEW DELHI: The government is looking at revamping the 20-year-old IT Act to keep pace with advancement in technology ecosystem, and bring in a stronger framework around issues like cybercrime, IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Wednesday.
“A thinking is going on in the department to revisit the IT Act. It has been 20 years of the IT Act and the IT ecosystem has developed beyond recognition. New technology has become very pronounced, the whole ecosystem of consumers has changed vastly. And so have the challenges,” Prasad said, adding that the new Act will also factor in issues like Supreme Court’s judgement on privacy and protection.
The minister said a team will be put in place that will take inputs from experts and the industry. Prasad said the number of people accessing technology has burgeoned over the years, and services and finances are being delivered digitally now.
“The biggest challenge is the number of consumers we have to handle, the use of technology, tech is at the centre of digital payments, digital delivery of services, GST, UPI. Now this also raises the question of misuse. The vastness of these platforms was not even contemplated when the IT Act came into being.”
He added that cyber issues have not been adequately responded to in the present IT Act, and he would like to include a complete chapter on cyber issues in the new proposal.

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