Idris Elba Trademarks His Name To Launch Beauty Products

Actor Idris Elba has trademarked his name to launch beauty range with wife Sabrina.

The actor has applied for permission to sell health and beauty products under his lifestyle brand Sable Labs and podcast Coupledom — both of which he runs with wife, reports

They submitted applications with the Intellectual Property Office earlier this year, under the name of his IE7 Holdings Limited. Through the company, he also runs a music business, clothing company and performing arts firm.

Their trademarks run across two classes with dozens of products in the list.

Under one, their products include soaps, aftershaves, cosmetics, make-up removers, mascara, lipstick, lip pencils and liners, eyebrow fixer, body powders, anti-wrinkle creams, bubble bath, bath gel, facial creams, skin-rejuvenation creams, skin soothing masks, sun care and sun-tanning preparations, and hair removal items.

The other list includes medicated preparations, serums, dermatological and pharmaceutical preparations for skin care, medicated acne preparations, nutritional supplements, body hydration, prevention and treatment of hair-loss, and treatment for the skin and the metabolism against the effects of fatigue or stress.

Along with trademarking the products, Elba has also applied in his own name to trademark the use of S’able Labs and Coupledom, stated the report.

All applications are pending and yet to be approved.

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