PU security getting weekly off on time after COVID-19

CHANDIGARH: With outbreak of COVID-19 security staff deployed in Panjab university have to be on toes but the good news is that they are able to take their weekly off which was struggle before this virus spread. Reason: due to close down of the campus activities the security branch is able to manage well with the staff which is present on given day for the security of premises and especially gates.

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At present in campus more than 300 field security staff which use to deploy for guarding six gates three each in sector 14 and 25, buildings of various departments, hostels and student centre. Besides this security is also given to vice chancellor office and resident and at registrar house also. As per university records there is shortage of around 200 security personnel to cover both campus properly.

Ashwani Kaul, chief security officer of the campus said that after close down there is decline in deployment of staff for hostel as handful of students are left in campus. There is withdrawal of security from the residents of registrar and in fact from vice chancellor house also two guards were withdrawn, he said that reason for this decision is that there is less visitors these days due to lock down.

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He said that from March all employees are getting their regular weekly off which is once in week. He said that police patrolling also increase in campus which lessen the burden on campus security.

One of the security staff on the basis of the anonymity said that from 2016 majority of the personal do not get regular weekly off due to shortage of employees. The authorities are not filling the vacant post and employee against the retiree which increase their work load. Official said that on gates of the campus also the pressure of work decrease as outsiders are not allowed due to lock down.

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